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2023 PPM Image Competition Results
Result Stats
65-69 70-74 75-79 80-84 85-89 90-94 95-100 Merit
-- 1% 48% 36% 11% 3% 1% 50%

There were a total of 155 Digital Images entered this year. 

There were 78 Blue Ribbon Winners

Jillane BergeronSue BrownAdam CarrollLori CarrollAlex Cabildo
Ron ConigliaroKari Douma
Davis HumphreyChris JonesMari Latozas
Penny Messer 
Karen PeitzJohn RansomRamón Robles Sam Sarkis
Paul Stoloff 
Darryl Svoboda Randy Van Duinen
Karen Walker

2023 PPM Award Winners

2023 PPM Photographer of the Year

DAVID HUMPHREY, M.Photog.CR. - 360 

2023 PPM Award of Excellence

RANDY VAN DUINEN, M.Photog.,M.Artist.CR, CPP - 355

2023 PPM Award of Merit

SAM SARKIS, M.Photog., M. Wed. Photog. Cr. - 341

PPM "Top TEN Photographers"

Mari Latozas,



Paul Stoloff,
Adam Carroll,
M.Photog., CR.Photog., CPP

 Ramón Robles,



Kari Douma,

M.Photog., CR.Photog., CPP


Ron Conigliaro
Jillane Bergeron

PPM "4 for 4"

 Ron Conigliaro   Sam SarkisM.Photog.M.Wed.Photog.Cr.
 Kari DoumaM.Photog., CR.Photog., CPP  Paul Stoloff, CPP
 David Humphrey, M.Photog., CR. Photog  

 2023 Award Winners

 Highest Scoring First Time Entry  John Ransom - "The Jump" - 85
 Highest Scoring Image  David Humphrey - "Enigma" - 97
 PPM Photographic Imaging Award Wedding/Event – Best of Show  Sam Sarkis - "Fortune Teller"
 PPM Photographic Imaging Award Wedding/Event – Court of Honor  Adam Carroll - "Serenity"
 PPM Photographic Imaging Award Reportage – Best of Show  Randy Van Duinen - "Waiting in Cuba"
 PPM Photographic Imaging Award Reportage – Court of Honor  Kari Douma- "Showing Off"
 PPM Photographic Imaging Award Portrait – Best of Show  Kari Douma - "You Still Make Me Laugh!"
 PPM Photographic Imaging Award Portrait – Court of Honor  John Ransom - "The Jump"
 PPM Photographic Imaging Award Illustrative – Best of Show  Mari Latozas - "Glacial Passage"
 PPM Photographic Imaging Award Illustrative – Court of Honor  Karen Peitz - "Foggy Bay"
 PPM Photographic Imaging Award Illustrative – Court of Honor  Randy Van Duinen - "Vatican Amazement"
 PPM Photographic Imaging Award Illustrative – Court of Honor  Mari Latozas - "Snow Ants"
 PPM Master Artist Award - Master Artist of the Year  Randy Van Duinen - 323
 PPM Master Artist Award - Best of Show  Randy Van Duinen - "Neptune's Bride"
 Black and White Image - Best of Show  Randy Van Duinen - "I Think I'm Getting Dizzy?"
 High School Senior Portrait - Best of Show  Lori Carroll- "F Comfort Zones"
 CPP Award  Randy Van Duinen - "Vatican Amazement"
 AIM - Animal Image Makers - Top Animal Image  Mari Latozas - "Spotted Hound Whiskey"
 ASP State Elite Award  David Humphrey - "Enigma"
 Album - Best of Show  Adam Carroll - "Emily's Ultimate Location Experience"
 Judge's Choice Award - Carl Caylor  Randy Van Duinen - "Vatican Amazement"
 Judge's Choice Award -  Dennis Craft  Kari Douma - "You Still Make Me Laugh!"
 Judge's Choice Award - Chris Richman  Ron Conigliaro - "Headless ZGoat is the Prize in a Game of Kok Boru -  Kyrgystan
Judge's Choice Award - Angela Lawson Mari Latozas - "Spotted Hound Whiskey"
Judge's Choice Award - Chris PaulisJillane Bergeron - "Ridin' the Storm Out"

2023 PPM Memorial Awards

Steven Kahn, M.Photog Memorial AwardMari Latozas, M. Photog- "Snow Ants"
Barry Rankin, M.Photog., CR.Photog.,
ASP Fellow Memorial Award
Sam Sarkis M. Photog.M.Wed.Photog.Cr.- "Entering our Future" 


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