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Professional Photographers of Michigan
Service  Award

(Service Award shown with extra 25 point bar)

PPM Service Award click here to download form

The Michigan Service Award was designed to recognize outstanding service to the Professional Photographers of Michigan.  The motivation for service should not be the award but the new friends and benefits we provide to our fellow members.  As we work side by side, we are providing the foundation for our association to better serve each of us.  The involvement of all members in the operation and advancement of the association will bring about strength and unity far beyond that which could be achieved by any of us individually.

This award may be presented to any active or vendor member in good standing.

"No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave."
- Calvin Coolidge


Please read and follow these rules exactly! To not do so will most likely cause loss of points. We cannot become involved in correspondence over lack of information. If instructions and rules are not followed, we may have no choice but to disallow points. If a member feels they are deserving of merit for some unspecified service, that member should submit a formal written request to the Service Award Committee. All decisions of eligibility for points will be made by the five members of that committee with the approval of the PPM Board of Directors. These decisions will be final.

  1. Points are awarded on a calendar year basis and must be reported to the Service Award Chairperson by January 1st each year (for the previous year). You may submit your form each year, or, wait until you have achieved the minimum 25 points needed for the award. All services must be initialed by the chairperson in charge. Please submit your Service Award Form via email to info@ppofmi.comCredits earned prior to the immediate preceding calendar year will not receive credit. Medallions and or the additional merit bars, will be presented at our annual awards banquet.
  2. Proof of service for points must be included with requests for points. Service forms must have appropriate service chairperson signature on form.
  3. The Michigan Service Award requires a minimum of 25 service credits. These can be speaker, judging, or service credits. Each additional 25 points will result in the awarded of a XXV merit bar.
  4. The PPM Service Award committee, by a 3/5 vote, may retract a member's credit for sufficient cause. 


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