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PPM Presents: Print Competition Preparation

  • 12 Nov 2012
  • 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Frankenmuth, MI
  • 16


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November 12: Print Competition Preparation

Michael Timmons - Vasasr, MI

Bring your images for review (or just come by and see what other's bring). We will be meeting at Tiffany's Restaurant in Downtown Frankenmuth at 5:00pm. Michael will review and give print critiques on image you bring. Tiffany's has a great menu if you are interseted in purchasing dinner.
At 6:30pm we will head to Rummel's Studio in Downtown Frankenmuth (approximately 3 blocks from Tiffany's) and the Print Competition Preparation presentation will being promptly at 7:00pm.


“Demystifying Print Competition”

Entering print competition can be one of the best forms of photography education.  All phases of the process can change how you think about your work.  Drawing upon their combined experiences as entrants, judges, and printmakers, Michael and Tina will discuss: the benefits of entering, how to select the right image, how to manipulate and present the image, and the criteria judges use to evaluate the image.  Michael has served on the Photographic Exhibitions Committee and is also a Jury Chairman.

You will explore your availability to go “Beyond the Image” using digital technology.  Image capture is just the beginning; it’s what happens next that separates average pictures into award winning images.

During this program prepare to become inspired to a new level of excitement.  The technical aspects of photography will be discussed, but be aware that it will not stop there.  Creating award winning images is not just happen-stance; they require thought, creativity, and planning.

So bring an open mind, heart and soul, and you will be taken into a world that can be rewarding, both personally and financially.  The image is one thing, but what is beyond the image is truly amazing…..


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