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How to Start a Love Affair with Your Blog

  • 03 May 2021
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Colby McLemore takes us on a journey to find love in a relationship we struggle with, our blog. 

Being a Kick A** Blogger Is Easier than You Think!

Everyone knows that you should be doing it but few actually are. Why should I blog? I can’t imagine anyone actually reads them! How do you even GET people to read them? I stink at grammar, so it would be embarrassing, right?! What would I write about? I had ALL these questions and MORE. After finding the answers, I also found a way to systematize it so it became easier and easier to get them done. Blogging can make all the other marketing ideas come together and be more EFFECTIVE and EASIER to implement! If you want to make your marketing work, you can’t afford NOT to blog.

About Colby

Colby McLemore is the owner and visual storyteller of Colby’s Photos & Videos. He is a full-time professional whose work revolves around advertising photography and videography for businesses as well as for individuals. If he isn’t onsite at a job, you can find him in his downtown Knoxville, Tennessee, studio. If you are ever in East Tennessee, please reach out. He’d love to show you the studio and our lovely city. Colby works around marketers and advertisers every day. He attends as many of their trade meetings locally, regionally, and nationally as possible. He has been on the board of the American Marketing Association of Knoxville and the American Advertising Federation of Knoxville for years. Surrounding himself with the best professionals within the industry, even Colby picks up a tip or two. Within the marketing industry he is considered an advanced enthusiast; among local photographers, he is considered over the top. He has earned his Master’s, Craftsman, CPP, and Certified Drone Photographer. He loves letters behind his name and is trying to get a few more. Colby has won more awards than he feels he deserves but a lot fewer than many. He was in the Top Ten of the Grand Imaging Award in the commercial category but lost. He’s squeaked out a Gold Triangle, an ASP State Award, Fuji Award, Kodak Award and all the cool ones at his local and state affiliates. He blasts his horn about them from the top of Knoxville’s tallest building. To learn more about Colby and to see examples of his work, visit his outdated website at www.colbysphotosvideos.com.


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