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Studio Lighting Inside and Out (PPA Merit Class)

  • 22 Jun 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Guys & Dolls Photography, 312 E Chippewa St, Mt Pleasant, MI
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Studio Lighting Inside and Out

Dan and Kari Pulver

(PPA Merit Class)

Dan & Kari Pulver from Guys & Dolls Photography of Mt. Pleasant bring you- Back to the Future

From Dan and Kari Pulver: 

What if digital technology was wiped out.... Would you have the ability to continue doing what you do? No more looking at the back of the camera to see if you got it, no more fixing files in photoshop. Could you create the imaging you are creating today with confidence? If you have a question mark in the back of your head then read on.

We tell people all the time we're thankful we got into photography when we did for the simple fact that we were trained the way in my mind photography should be taught. A time when tradition meant more than trend. When the wonder of photography was still real and people got so excited to see their PAPER proofs! (Which usually consisted of 10 to 20 poses - 20 if they didn't blink.) 

This program will teach you to work with confidence. I'm not a fan of the word basic but sometimes that is where we need to start to achieve the best results. From lighting, indoor and out to posing that is photographically correct. We will touch on all of the aspects that have kept our studio open for over 40 years. It seems everyone wants to talk digital software and photoshop technique. How about we talk photography and worry about technology after we get it right in the camera?

Come enjoy the day with us and I guarantee you leave as a more confident photographer.

Location: Guys & Dolls Photography, 312 E Chippewa St, Mt Pleasant, MI

Date: Monday, June 22, 2020

Time: 12(noon)-8PM

Meals: 1.5hr Dinner Break on your own. You are welcome to bring take-out back to the studio to eat

Safety/the New Normal: Masks and social distancing is encouraged. Spots are limited based on current guidance.


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