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Lightroom Editing, A Deep-Dive Masterclass

Join Ron in this session where we will dive deep into the Adobe Lightroom (LrC) product. We will only focus on post processing with the "Develop" model and additionally display integration with external products like Portrait Pro, Photoshop, Topaz, etc. Adobe recently released a new version, let's demystify the functionality with some hands on examples. If you're not familiar with Lightroom, you will learn how simple it can be to quickly edit your shots into award winning photos. If you already have a working knowledge of Lightroom, I think you can pick up some tricks and editing techniques.


Ron Conigliaro is an award-winning professional Photographer and Producer based in Detroit, Michigan. He has been masterfully capturing extraordinary moments in time and stunning, unique places in nature due to his extensive travels, adventurous spirit and true passion for photography. Ron prides himself on being a versatile photographer studying and shooting genres of many types. Also a professional Businessman and Musician, some may consider him a jack of all trades and master of every project he puts his mind to. At the start of his career, Ron fearlessly took the path less traveled, choosing not to go to college but instead following a path in music and later teaching himself software development. His aptitude and hard work in teaching himself proved incredibly useful, as he was eventually able to establish his own software development business— Quantum Information System Solutions, Inc., where he currently serves as President and CEO.

Over the years, Ron has found success in this tech-based business venture, expanding it so now Quantum offices reach beyond the borders of the United States. This software business has allowed him to visit offices located all over the world. Due to his business travels, he was introduced to the beauties of the Earth and the varying cultures, foods and attractions to be discovered outside of his Michigan bubble. Ron’s exposure to the stunning landscapes and exotic wonders outside of the U.S. would fuel his motivation to embark on a career in photography.

Ron founded and is the current Owner and Operator of Zoom Room Studio and Ron Conigliaro Photography. His photography businesses allow him to capture every breathtaking moment of his travels. His skillful attention to detail, focus and perspective bring to life every image recorded through his lenses. His photos have been displayed in exhibits around the world, and published in numerous print and digital publications, including National Geographic Your Shot. Yet Ron remains humble and appreciative of his life’s journey and accomplishments. For every experience you would like to keep close to your heart, with a physical reminder to look back on through the years, Ron’s Zoom Room Studio will ensure you have that opportunity with expertly taken and brilliantly sublime photos to last a lifetime. Ron has seen the world, and Zoom Room Studio can show you the world you want to see through beautiful, personalized photos you will cherish forever.


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