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Ron nichols, M. Photog., hon. m.Cr., api

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Navigating a Portrait Sales Session, In-Person or Virtually

You’ll learn the key points for preparing, presenting and closing a portrait sales session.  Ron will share a proven step-by-step process you can adopt and use on your next ordering appointment to sell wall art, layouts, books and albums and image boxes.   He’ll teach maintaining control, over-coming objections, and guiding your customers to decisions in an in-person or online environment.

Although this program is sponsored by ProSelect, the concepts Ron will share apply regardless to the software you use to present your work.

More From Ron Nichols

Ron Nichols has excelled at In-person sales long before the term IPS was coined.   Since graduating from college with an art degree, Ron has owned a studio and worked at perfecting studio sales from both the psychological and technology aspects.  He has worked closely with many software companies in creating applications that optimize sales efficiency while capitalizing on emotion and enabling back-end workflows. 

As a paid consultant, Ron has worked for many of the country’s top image makers in developing sales processes and workflow schemes to increase studio profitability.   His work now is exclusively as a consultant to studio’s and as ProSelect chief evangelist, trainer and he drives their future development path. 

Ron’s photographic work and industry service has garnered awards from around the world.   He has taught throughout the globe and is a PPA International Juror, Jury Chairman and past PPA President.   He is a member of the elite group, the Society of XXV.


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