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george p. joell III

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Off Camera Lighting for the Creative Photographer

Join George Joell as he shows you how this class will touch on the creative ways to use Off Camera Lighting and Strobes.  We will discuss the various methods and techniques to photograph subjects using lighting sources not attached to your camera’s hotshoe.  This class is designed to cover many aspects of lighting using various lighting schemes and modifiers.  You will be taught how to expose your subject in any lighting condition, whether outdoors on indoors.  You will learn how to use a light meter as well as Through the Lens (TTL) metering properly. Through creative visioning and technical processing, this class will help you to see and use light in the various aspects of your photography.  

More From George Joell

George P. Joell III has been a photographer for over 16 years.  He lives in Fayetteville NC.

George has taught PPA Workshops for several years. He has also shared his knowledge with other PPA affiliate organizations.

George is a member of the PPA, where he serves on the Board of Directors.  He is also a member of the Professional Photographers of North Carolina (PPNC).  George is the current PPNC as the President. 

He has also earned the Craftsmen Photography Degree from the PPA and Fellowship Degree from the PPNC.

He is a retired Army Veteran with 24 years of Service. 


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