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Here’s another Great Reason to Enter PPM’s 2019 Print Competition.

Entering print competitions gives you an opportunity to earn recognition for your creativity and excellence in professional photography. It also helps expand your knowledge, confidence and skills.

And here’s another possible benefit: LexJet will present the Sunset Award for “Best of Show” entered in the Professional Photographers of Michigan (PPM) Print Competition, 2019. Qualifying images must be printed on inkjet paper.

The winner will be chosen by the print-competition judging panel March 9, 2019.  To qualify, the entries must be printed and meet the PPM’s print-competition submission requirements for printed images.

 Here's what you can win

 You'll receive the below, PLUS a full box of media


Here is the LexJet Sunset Award Description: Program Description

Here are the Rules: Rules and Qualifications

Here are the the labels you need to attach to your prints: Sunset LexJet Entry Label

For any print competition questions, contact Darcy Olson, 616-550-7715

For more information about the LexJet Sunset Award, contact Tom Gruss at LexJet, 800-453-9538.


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