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sally kolar 

M.Photg, CPP

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be a pro at posing 

It is easy to pose when you have real models, they are dressed right and they all have perfect body sizes.  Anyone can do that. But the reality is, most family sessions begin with folks who are not prepared for photos in how they are dressed or their body sizes not being quite perfect. So we are going to walk thru how to set up groups quickly and efficiently. For couple shot’s we will pay attention to making each person look the best they can and creating different poses quickly with simple changes. We will talk about eye to lip ratios and stair stacking methods for posing. We will pose men masculine and woman feminine. We will chat about body sizes and making folks look the best they can so they will love their photos. We will talk about triangles and diamond patterns.  For foursomes, we will talk about the Nike Swish. We will review the difference between broad lighting and short lighting men and woman.  When faces with a large group we will teach how to let the group pose themselves and then you the photographer twigs it to make it perfect. Included will be CPP tricks that will make your photos look better. Then we will do hands on, group training posing up as many groups as we can as we speed dial thru posing.

WHO IS sally

Getting to know a little bit about Sally Kolar

Sally's professional career began over twenty years ago in Bellingham, Washington working as an assistant at Donette Studios. Many years ago she joined the PPW-Professional Photographers of Washington, and still to this day, she is a member. In state print competition this past year- 2018, she won PPW’s Best Portrait of a Bride.  After moving to Georgia, elven years ago, she became a member of GPPA. ( Georgia Professional Photographers Association). She is also an ASP member. (American Society of Photographers).  

She has been on PPA Council for the last three years and just was re-elected to serve another term for Georgia. She is a Master Photographer, PPA Certified and PPA Certified Liaison. She has attended Imaging USA for as long as she can remember. She is working on her Photographic Craftsman. She is one of the admins of the facebook group CPP image review and have mentored many folks on becoming PPA certified. She has gone thru jury training and is working on becoming an international juror.  She has taught Super One Day classes at her studio. She enjoys being a member of PPA and the friendships it provides. She has done PPA studio portfolio reviews for the last ten years at Imaging. 

She lives and works in Augusta, Georgia. Because her hometown loves golf, she has photographed many celebrities, many related to PGA.  Highlights of her career include photographing President George W. Bush. She has also been hired by Nike Golf, and have photographed Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Rory McIllroy, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and many more golfers. She is also thrilled that she has had images go Loan and also accepted into the PPA showcase books.  

She is extremely loyal and hard working. Photography is not a part time job for her, it is her life. She gets up every morning head to the studio, work all day, most nights till late in the evening, doing what she can to run a successful studio. She has a physical photography studio (retail location), in a busy area. Since Augusta is a very small town, She is more aware than anyone of the challenges that face those starting out and those just trying to survive. She is an admin of our local Augusta Photographers group on facebook, and try to mentor those that want to survive in this business, not making it a hobby, but a true career. She thinks it is her love of the industry and fellow photographers that makes her so passionate about photography. She has taken classes from some of the best in the industry over the years, Joseph and Louise Simone, Eddie Tapp, Rick and Deb Ferro, John Woodward and Tony Corbell. She is presently working on her Craftsman degree so it is with great excitement that she looks forward to your convention and teaching a posing class and meeting you all.


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