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M.Photg, M.Artist, CR., CPP, EA-ASP

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We all wish we had stunning locations to photograph all our clients. The reality is, many of us have to make do with average, everyday banquet halls and typical outdoor locations. Amy will walk you through what she does to create beautiful art for her clients in the most average of places.


Getting to know a little bit about Ella Carlson

Ella Putney Carlson, M.Photog.,M.Artist,Cr.,CPP,EA-ASP has a master of fine arts degree from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Her fine art composites and photography have won multiple Kodak Gallery Awards and Fuji Masterpiece Awards. She has been a Diamond Photographer of the Year each of the past four years. She is nominated for two 2019 GIA’s and she was awarded the American Society of Photographers Bronze Medallion in January of 2108. She has been teaching photographic imaging at the University of Mass, Lowell since the late 1990’s. Her book "Fine Art Photoshop" was published in May of 2017. 


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