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President's MEssage

I would like to begin with the immortal words of the comedian Groucho Marx: “I would not want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.” Or as its president, for that matter. Having said that, I am honored to be your president for the next year.

I do want to congratulate Kari Douma for her great performance as your president during the past year. She has been a bright beacon in her leadership, guiding us to greater heights in our efforts to serve our photographic community. There had been quite a few challenges this year and she had risen to each one of them without too much effort. 

It’s an honor and a privilege to take on the position of president of our group, in part, because of its own long and proud history and for the advanced support and education that we have provided our fellow photographers.

I would like to encourage our new and old members to take up a more involving volunteer position in the organization. There is plenty of room to grow and prosper, but we can’t do it by ourselves. This why I got involved with this board years ago, as well as other groups. I was elected to be one of the four PPA councilors for the state of Michigan, along with Darcy Olsen, Ed Westwood and Tina Timmons. I was also chosen as the Vice-chair for the national convention at PPA. I know how important it is to give back, and the satisfaction it comes with it.

We as the board cannot do this alone, without the support of our members. We have some the best, if not the best photographers in the country as members of the PPM. And, we have the most past PPA Presidents than any other state in the country as members. We have members who have been coming to this event for decades.

Our mission is to further the educational training of the serious photographer here in Michigan. We know that as we continue to grow and promote education, we cannot but help make this organization bigger and stronger as it once was. Many of you remember those days and we strive to get there once again, and the way to do that is to change with the times.

So, please be patient, get involved and help us, help you, to make the PPM the best professional photographers’ organization that it can be.

Thank you again for your time and confidence, and I look forward to working with all of you this next year

Rick Dupler, CPP


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