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President's MEssage

Dear Fellow PPM Members,

Leading up to my first President's Message there have certainly been some challenges in the world as well as some opportunities for us to be kind and helpful to everyone.  First of all, on behalf of the PPM Board I want to thank everyone who attended our annual Photomax event, entered our Image Competition and worked or volunteered to make it the success it was.  We had great attendance and a large increase in entries for competition as well as new members attending.  We are one of the lucky associations who were able to get in their annual convention and image competition before the Coronavirus shut down events and we hope and pray for a good outcome to those PPA affiliates who have cancelled, postponed, or setting up an online conference of some kind over the coming weeks.

During this time of uncertainty, PPM wants to be of assistance to those who need it.  We all are aware of the impact this crisis will have on our businesses, family life and finances.   The PPM Board of Directors is having a video meeting on Monday to come up with some ideas of how we can provide education, social interaction and networking during this challenging time.  PPA has also been very active in providing online resources for education and small business assistance.

Your PPM membership is so much more than educational events and image competition.  As a member you have a huge network of professionals who want to help their fellow members survive a crisis such as this.  When things calm down and we are able to get back to work preserving our client’s memories our schedules are going to be hectic.  You may have large jobs like Dance Schools, Little Leagues, Spring Sports that are all going to need to be photographed during a small window of time. Or if you may have a lot of retouching from rescheduled shoots and you can’t get to all the editing completed in a timely fashion.  You may feel you don’t have the staffing resources to accommodate all of this, but that’s where your PPM Membership may come to the rescue.  Don’t be afraid to reach out through our Facebook page or private messages if you need help with a job.  There will be members more than willing to help so we can all get through this.  And if you are available to help someone, don’t hesitate to offer that assistance.  You never know when you may need that type of help in the future.

We are all family.  We are connected by a creative bond and collectively need to ensure we will survive these unprecedented times.

Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions or concerns. My number is 989-737-3291 or email is adamc@harbourlightphotography.com.

Stay safe and be strong.

Yours in Imagery,

Adam Carroll, M. Photog., Cr., CPP, PPM President


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